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   C & j sheetmetal fABRICATIONS

C&J Sheetmetal Fabrications have been manufacturing quality products since 1989. You’ll be happy to know when your dealing with us, your dealing with the best. Our expert team are capable of creating an extensive range of products for the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Sectors. “Trust in C&J Sheetmetal Fabrications”.

C&J Sheetmetal Fabrications specialist in Laser and Waterjet Cutting. Our fabrication of stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel is of the highest quality. We stock a wide range of materials including bisaloy plate on site. So if it’s a quick turn around you want just ask our friendly staff.

C&J Sheetmetal has an extensive range of welding procedures established. We utilise the latest Laser and Waterjet Cutting Technology, also within our modern facility we have CNC Pressing, Punching, Milling and Machining equipment plus a Sand Blasting and Spray Painting Facility, all at one location.


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